Chances are that when it comes to your wedding day look you’ve thought of just about everything: you’ve ummed and ahhed about your wedding dress for almost a full year, visited the hairdresser multiple times and tried and tested your make-up more times than you can remember. But one small detail that often gets over-looked is your manicure. While a simple french polish is often the norm, the polish you choose can really help define your look. Whether you want something fun and quirky or elegant and fashion-forward, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite looks to help you give your digits the decoration they deserve.

The Preparation

First things first, if you want your nails to be wedding day ready, your hands will require a little preparation and pampering to get them in top nick. Here’s five tips to help you make the most out of your wedding manicure.

  1. At least a week prior to the big day you’ll want to begin the daily moisturising process. Oil, cream, serum, whatever your poison make sure you get those hands softened up!
  2. After a few days your hands will be nicely moisturised and you can begin the filing, buffing and cuticle work. Remember to show your toes the same love when you do this.
  3. Oval or ‘squoval’ shapes are the traditional shapes for a wedding manicure, and for good reason. They’re classic, elegant and often last a little longer then square or pointed shapes.
  4. Opt for a gel instead of a regular nail polish. Gel is less prone to chipping and will also last longer, meaning your nails will still be in great condition for the many newlywed photos following the wedding day.
  5. Don’t cut corners. If you or a doting friend are doing your nails, make sure the application is thorough: apply a base coat, at least two to three coats of polish and two layers of top coat. Chips won’t stand a chance

ALL THAT GLITTERS: Match the sparkle of your ring with your nails for instant glitter glamour.


MARBLE EFFECT: This fashion-forawrd nail art is making serious waves in the beauty world.


PRETTY PETALS: Pretty flowers in pastel hues will keep your look dainty and sweet.


MINIMALISTIC: If you want to make the smallest and simplest of statements.


GILDED TIPS: Just a little shimmer to add some sparkle.


BACK IN BLACK: For the rebel at heart.


RED ROUGE: Red nails coupled with red lips will pop against a white dress.


SOMETHING BLUE: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!


LACED UP: Match your wedding dress to your nails with a delicate white lacy pattern.


EMBELLISHED: Let your fingers make a statement with nail studs and glitter. Make sure to keep the look to no more than three nails per hand, to ensure the look stays elegant.


DOT TO DOT: Subtle, yet still a little quirky.


LOVE HEARTS: Even your nails can say ‘I love you’.



Now that you’ve got some inspiration, give the French Manicure the flick and add some serious style credit to your wedding day look with decorative digits that will make a statement.