While the work of your florist, cake maker and band will only last the day of your wedding, the work of your photographer will last a lifetime. Every bride wants the chance to look back through her wedding album years later and remember the special day in all it’s glory. With so much significance placed on the work of your photographer, choosing the right one can be a daunting prospect.

We’ve spoken to industry expert and Lost in Love Photography co-founder Lyndel Yeo about the best way for couples to ensure they find the right photographer for their special day. She also gives us a look into her approach for taking the perfect wedding photos.


According to Yeo, the best place to begin the hunt for your wedding photographer is by establishing your and your partner’s preferred style of photography, as this will determine the overarching theme of your photos.

“Couples should try find their individual style and what they love about specific wedding photos,” Yeo says. “Pinterest is a really great way to do this, because you can pin your favourite images and get inspiration as to which colours, finishes and styles you like. There’s so many talented wedding photographers out there and the thing that makes them different is their varying styles.”

Yeo also recommends looking at the work that photographers have done at your wedding venue, that way you can get an idea of how they’ve used the space and whether they can utilise the location in a creative way.


It’s also important to remember that your wedding photographer is likely spend just as much time (if not more!) by your side than your own mother, so a good rapport is absolutely necessary. Yeo says building good relationships with her clients is a crucial part of the process.

“We usually catch up over a coffee and have a relaxed chat, because it’s important to get too know each other,” she says. “We can get a feel for the couple and capture them the way they want to be seen, but we can’t get that sense of who they are if we haven’t met them before.”

“The couple also need to feel relaxed around their photographers,” she says. “They need to feel themselves and be comfortable, so when it comes to the wedding day they can forget there’s a camera between you.”


After establishing Melbourne-based Lost in Love Photography six years ago, Yeo still admits that the most important aspect of wedding photos is the simplest: they should capture the love.

“We try to capture what we call the ‘Lost in Love’ moment”, she says. “It’s the state or quality of being so utterly spellbound by your beloved or entranced in a moment of adoration that you become unaware of anything else around you.”


While most brides and grooms will be looking to minimise the price of their wedding as much as possible, Yeo says your wedding photographer is no place to skimp.

“I always say that when it comes to wedding photographers, you get what you pay for, so it’s really important not to skimp on that element of your wedding,” she says.

With a portfolio of wedding photos bursting with life and joy, we think Yeo’s advice will put you in good stead to find your perfect photographer for your special day. Her final words of wisdom sum up her advice nicely: “You want photos that are natural, honest, happy and, above all, depict love.”

*All photos by Lost in Love Photography.