With the Melbourne Cup just around the corner, headpieces have been springing into shop windows and designer’s collections. All of these flowers crowns, fascinators and fabulous hats have gotten us thinking about how they can be worked into your wedding day outfit. While veils are still a popular option amongst the modern bride, there are a wide range of headpieces that can complement your look and help you make a statement on your special day. We’ve put together a guide on how to choose the best headpiece to pull your wedding look together.

Decide your hairstyle in advance:

Before you even start looking for the right headpiece, it’s important to have decided on your hairstyle. After all, a hair accessory will look entirely different in free flowing locks than it will in a tight ballerina bun. If you’re blessed with thick hair, consider wearing a larger ornament that can help hold hair in place, rather than a daintier one. For finer hair, opting for a smaller, simpler accessory will ensure that it doesn’t look oversized.

wedding headpieces wedding headpieces


Whether it’s made from metal, lace or fabric, the hue of your headpiece should compliment the tones of your dress. For example, if your dress has silver beading, consider selecting a headpiece with hints of silver sequins, metal or thread through it. Similarly, if your dress is an off-white colour, don’t choose a stark white hair accessory, as this may appear too bright next to the gown.

wedding headpieces wedding headpieceswedding headpieces


A couple of years ago, flower crowns became an incredibly popular choice for the Spring Racing Carnival. It turns out they’re here to stay and they’ve since become a popular choice for many vintage-inspired and outdoor weddings. While this kind of accessory could require a little more consideration, a head full of blooms is sure to stun all your friends and family. Opting for fake flowers may slightly limit your choice of variety, however you can be safe in the knowledge that they’ll stand the test of time without wilting. If you have your heart set on fresh flowers for your locks, we reccomend selecting sturdy, long lasting flowers that match your bouquet to help tie your look to your decor.

wedding headpieces wedding headpieces wedding headpieces wedding headpieces wedding headpieces

Simple versus statement:

This one’s definitely all down to personal choice. While some brides will prefer more subtle hair accessory, others will opt to go all-out. Whichever you choose, make sure it compliments your gown. If you have a more simple wedding dress, you can afford to have a larger, more extravagant headpiece, however if your dress is already laden with beading, runching and embellishments, we would recommend choosing a more subtle accessory.

wedding headpieces wedding headpieces wedding headpieces wedding headpieces


With so much emphasis placed on how your headpiece will look, it’s crucial not to forget that it should be, above all, comfortable. A poorly sized headpiece that pinches and gives you a headache on your wedding day would be a disaster. If you’ve found the accessory of your dreams but it doesn’t fit quite right, the designer should be able to shape it properly to your head. Don’t be afraid to ask!

With these few tips in mind, you can choose the perfect headpiece that compliments your wedding day style and will help you make a statement as you walk down the aisle.