As a wedding venue Melbourne couples have used for more than a century, we’ve seen many trends come and go, and one of the biggest changes we’ve seen over the years is how much more adventurous men are with fashion on their wedding day. These days, men are much more involved in their choice of clothing than 50, 40, or even 20 years ago, and with many options on offer (other than the old fashioned tuxedo) men have a wide range of clothing choices for their big day. When it comes to wedding receptions, Melbourne venues are some of the best places to scout out fashionable grooms and groomsmen.

Here are a few trending items that the Melbourne groom will be wearing this year:


Bowties are Back

Once viewed as a bit of novelty option, the classic bowtie is back – big time! Men aren’t just embracing the safe option though, with bowties in a wide range of colours (and prints and fabrics) proving popular with men this season. Polka dot bowties, floral printed bow ties, and bowties made from textured fabrics like velvet and suede are all proving popular with Melbourne men.

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Clashing Colours

Proving that brides don’t get to have all the fun with their outfits, men’s wedding day clothing has moved beyond the standard matching three piece suit. Men are now embracing a wide range of colour palettes when dressing up for their big day. From light grey tweed jackets matched with black trousers, to deep blue suits matched with brown polished shoes, mixing and matching colours is on trend this season.

Switch it Up

If you like the idea of a fun, colourful outfit but don’t want to wear one for the formalities, simply switch your attire later on at your wedding reception venue when it’s party time! It’s understandable some churches prefer more traditional attire, but don’t let that ruin your chance to have fun and wear your preferred outfit. Many brides change outfits throughout the day, so why can’t the men too?


Brace Yourself

Men wearing vintage-style braces or suspenders was trending last year and this trend continues this year. It’s important to note that this trend may not suit all body shapes and heights, so as with all trends, try it first to see if it’s something you’re comfortable with. Shorter men can benefit from wearing suspenders (or braces) as the lines created by the braces draw the eye of sight to the length of the torso. Larger men may find braces too restrictive.

Watch It

While some men may be proud smartwatch owners, when it comes to dressing for a wedding, many men still prefer the analogue version. Classic watches and vintage watches are popular additions to wedding day attire for men, adding a touch of class to an outfit. Also, it’s a good idea to have a watch on hand to check the time, without having to reach for a phone (where the risk of scrolling through updates could make for a pretty bad wedding day look!)



Images courtesy of: Chic Vintage Brides ,  The Grange

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