Wedding trends may come and go, but a classic, traditional wedding never goes out of style. As a wedding venue Melbourne couples have chosen for more than a century, Ascot House has hosted hundreds of classic weddings. While you may love the classy, elegant look, there are ways to merge classic with contemporary, to ensure your wedding doesn’t feel too dated or overly themed. It’s as simple as peppering traditional, vintage touches here and there to inject some romantic, nostalgic vibes into the day while keeping modern elements in play.
Here are some simple ways to build an unforgettable, classic wedding fit for modern times:

Photo Perfection

There’s no point having a classic, traditional wedding if the photographic memories of your big day don’t match the experience. Speak to your photographer about ensuring some images are taken in   black and white or have sepia tinges added in the image editing and processing stage to add a touch of yesteryear to the images. Perhaps even try to find a wedding photographer (or talented friend) who enjoys working with film, as while considered a bit of a dying art, taking images with film adds a nostalgic quality that digital can’t quite replicate. Giving guests access to a Polaroid camera loaded with black and white film is also a good way to capture random wedding moments in a fun, retro way. The best thing about black and white photos is they are universally flattering! When it comes to photography locations, ask your photographer to consider using heritage buildings as backdrops to your photos. Melbourne’s CBD has many heritage buildings featuring historic facades just perfect for a classic wedding shoot steeped in tradition.

Location, Location

While classic cars, vintage-style dresses for the bridesmaids and tailored suits for the dapper gentlemen all go a long way to ensuring the day has a timeless feel, if your venue is in a modern building, furnished with contemporary décor, your classic look will appear out of place. If you want a classic, traditional wedding, then choose a venue that has a bit of history. Not only is Ascot House one of Melbourne’s most impressive heritage buildings, the Ascot House team are committed to preserving and promoting elements of the traditional wedding. From using ornate pieces of vintage silver to having a beautiful, leafy, manicured garden available for nuptials and photos, Ascot House is one of those timeless venues that creates wedding receptions Melbourne couples rave about.

Inventive Invites

While you probably don’t have the time (or desire) to hand write your invites and seal them with wax just like in the old days, you can easily evoke the classic look by designing a telegram-style invite using older-style, cursive fonts and formal language. Sending paper invites in the post is fitting for a classic, traditional wedding, perhaps also consider setting up and welcoming email RSVPs to bring the process into the 21st century?

Old School Blooms

Just add a few English country garden blooms to your bouquets and table arrangements to inject some old-fashioned romance into your big day. Roses, dahlias, peonies, daisies, lavender and violets are all good, traditional flower choices. Add a bit of contemporary flair to bouquets by getting your florist to mix the older-style blooms with a few off-centre flower choices like Australian natives.

Jazz it up

Securing a jazz band to play romantic classics and big band hits from the 1930s and 1940s is a good way to infuse a little of the past into your big day. To bring the music into modern times, perhaps choose a jazz band that can also play jazz versions of popular contemporary songs too? Having a jazzy version of your favourite song for your first dance will be a good talking point for guests and a memorable way to kick off proceedings, so you can dance the night away with a touch of class!

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