With spring in full bloom, many prospective brides will be wondering how to make the most of the abundance of flowers available for their wedding. With everything from blushing pink peonies to romantic roses there are plenty of blossoms to help you create the most beautiful bouquet for your wedding.

When so spoilt for choice, it can often be difficult to know where to begin the hunt for the perfect blooms. We spoke to Melbourne florist Juliet Louise from Juliet Louise Flowers about upcoming spring trends to give you some inspiration.

After previous seasons of bold, bright colours, this season will see brides incorporating softer, pastel tones into their floral decorations, says Juliet.

“We’re seeing a trend towards soft pastel colours this spring, whereas during the colder months brides were opting for more daring colours. We love the look of these softer hues. They’re pretty and dainty, making them absolutely beautiful for spring weddings.”

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According to Juliet, spring is the season to embrace wild flowers, such as Sweet Pea, Ranunculus and Scabiosa, which help create a magical, picturesque atmosphere.

“This is the perfect season to use wild flowers that aren’t usually available during the colder months,” Juliet says. “They add a really soft, whimsical and airy feel to any event.”

She also encourages brides to include different varieties of foliage within their arrangements, to help create volume and intrigue to decorative arrangements.

“Foliage creates lots of body and movement within floral decorations”, she says. “It stops arrangements feeling too structured, instead giving a beautiful flowing feel.”

After five years in the industry, Juliet recommends brides purchase flowers in season, as they will be more readily available, cheaper and are likely to be fresher, giving brides the best chance to make the most of their arrangements.

This spring embrace the pastel tones and soft textures of the season to create the perfect floral arrangements for your wedding day.

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