You’ve been thinking about your wedding dress for years, so of course you want your bridesmaids’ dresses to be (almost) as considered as well. Sometimes however, this is easier said then done. Chances are all your bridesmaids have their own individual sense of fashion and will look stunning in different styles that suit their varying body shapes. Rather than having your girls pulling and prodding at their dresses all night trying to get comfortable, we’re sharing with you ‘The Five Cs of Buying Bridesmaids Dresses’ to help you create your dream wedding day entourage.

1. Cohesion

This doesn’t necessarily mean all your bridesmaids need to look exactly the same, but there should be some kind of cohesion that ties their look together. This can be done through the colour, cut, style or the length of the dress, which will help them stand out from other guests at the event.


2. Contour and cut

Chances are your bridesmaids don’t all have the same kind of body shape, they are, after all, human. This means careful consideration of the style of dress you choose. Certain cuts are more universally flattering, such as the halter-neck, but it always helps to ask your girlfriends what kind of dresses they feel most comfortable in and work from there. Trust us, you don’t want your small-bustsd cousin silently cursing you as she walks down the isle hitching up her strapless dress.


3.  Complexion

Colour is perhaps one of the most important considerations when selecting bridesmaids dresses. While the lengths and styles might be different, colour can be what ties all the outfits together. One of the most foolproof ways to choose the right shade is to consider the most flattering tone for your bridesmaids based on their complexion and hair colour. Don’t feel like you need to stick to the conventional one-tone dress either, prints are becoming an increasingly popular choice for the bridal party, just pair them with simple accessories to let the pattern do the talking.


4. Comfort and Climate

You want your girls to enjoy your wedding as much as you do, so comfort is definitely an important consideration. When buying your bridesmaids dresses, ensure they fit properly and allow for easy movement, meaning your girls can happily bust a move on the dance floor until the wee small hours. Also consider providing cardigans if your wedding will be held in cooler months, because no one wants their best friends shivering their way down the isle.


5. Cost

When it comes to price, take into account your friend’s budgets and what’s manageable for them. If you’re concerned your wedding might be a financial burden for one or more of your bridesmaids, focus your search on dresses in a more affordable range, or select a color you like and let them pick their own style. This way they can choose a dress they’re likely to wear again and they won’t blow their budget!


With these five tips in mind, your bridesmaids are sure to be the best looking bridal squad you could ever hope for!