While many elements of a wedding remain eternal, each year new styles, colours, themes and decorations arise, making the modern wedding a beautiful mix of timelessness and trends. As 2016 comes to an end, 2017 emerges before the soon-to-be bride like a blank canvas. To take some of the guess work out of styling your wedding next year, we’ve put together a selection of the biggest trends that will give couples new and inspired ways to celebrate their love with their friends and family.


While flowers have always played a part in wedding styling, 2017 will see them take a bold and beautiful step into the spotlight as they take on a crucial role in defining the look, style and personality of weddings. Gone are the days when a simple bridal bouquet was the only floral finesse in the room, as we see brides and grooms opt for more opulent and creative blooms that take their guest’s breath away.

Soft petal blooms, such as peonies, roses and ranunculus will remain popular choices for couples next year, as their pastel tones and delicate petals epitomise romance. Beyond this however, more striking and decorative bouquets will also take to the stage.

Creative floral styling, such as hanging floral chandeliers have become an increasingly popular choice and add instant wow factor to any wedding. Extravagant centrepieces, walls of hanging pot-plants and imaginative fauna, such as ornamental kale and driftwood, will all add a sense of playfulness, creativity and magic to your special day.

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More an more emphasis will be placed on the smallest of details in the coming year, giving weddings that personal touch. Everything from quirky chalkboard signs, personalised stationary, decorative folded napkins, a beautifully crafted wishing well and floral decorations dotted throughout your venue will inject aspects of your personality into your event and help convey the story of your love with your guests.

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Boring seating plans are officially out in 2017. Forget the simple board with regimented row of names and think outside the square. The seating plan will be something all your guests look at and helps set the tone for your wedding, so get creative and have some fun with it!

Some popular ideas include individual photo frames for each table, a large cork board decorated with flowers and an ornate frame, names hung on a ladder, carved into wood, scrawled on a mirror or, our personal favourite, wine bottle filled with fresh blooms enscripted with your guests’ names.

fence-planner hoop-plan planter seating-plans wine-bottles wood-planners


While there will always be a place for the traditional wedding cake, in 2017 couples will add instant excitement to their wedding by impressing their guests with a dessert that thinks outside the cake box. Think dessert buffets with individually labelled lolly boxes, towering cakes of cheese wheels accompanied by dried fruit and crackers, make-you-own ice cream sundae stations, donut walls and chocolate fountains. Take a look at our blog on creative cakes to get more ideas on how to get your guests salivating.

cheesecake4 doughnuttower2 doughnutwall2 cupcaketower


The wedding industry is seeing a move towards live entertainment at weddings, something expected to continue throughout 2017. Music is such an important part of a wedding, so it’s no surprise brides and grooms are looking to add a more personal touch to the soundscape of their special day.

While a DJ can cater to the masses, many couples will choose to have their DJ accompanied by a vocalist or a musician. Alternatively, larger bands are becoming increasingly popular and are building up their repertoire to include a broader range of popular music. Another option is to have a small band or trio of musicians play music during your ceremony and pre-dinner canapés to add that special touch to your day.

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Made popular a couple of years ago, the vintage-themed wedding is still going strong and will go from strength to strength in 2017. Outdoor and country weddings complete with wild flowers, decorative wooden ornaments, lace detailing, mis-matching crockery, glass jars and hanging bird cages are now in vogue. Many couples will choose to match their venue to this style, which leads us to…

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The 2017 wedding is all about personalising the experience, which means choosing the right venue to reflect your styling choices and your story as a couple. If vintage glamour is what you’re looking for then consider a country-style wedding in a loft, field or forest. If heritage charm is more your style then consider a venue such as Ascot House, conveniently tucked away in the suburbs with sprawling gardens and outdoor rotunda in which to hold your ceremony. If you and your fiancé spend all your summers at the beach, then perhaps hold your event near the water. If there’s a particular state or country that’s especially significant to you both then it might be time to break out the suitcase and invest in a destination wedding.

countrywedding beachwedding2 beachwedding barn-wedding ascothouse

2017 is the year for brides and grooms to get creative, use their imagination to create their perfect day. With so many inspiring, fun and innovative styling options in the coming year, we’re excited to see what soon-to-be couples will come up with! Happy planning!